Albert Rodriguez

Designer and founder

I love creating things and sharing them with others. I love the process, the work, the struggle, the uphill battle of learning something new. I enjoy learning new things as I work on a project and putting into work.

My work hours are 24/7. Yes 24/7! I love working concentrating on a project and spending a day all night and loosing my self in this new creation that comes from within. I enjoy the process of failing and learning from the failure picking myself up and trying new things until you get to the - AHA! - moment.

The world is smaller and smaller every day. With a few hundred dollars you can buy a computer, some software, a camera, and a keyboard and literally create an empire. Technology has closed the gap and allowed any kid in his basement to create whatever is in his or her imagination.

Through out the years I have worked in creating music, film, graphic design, photography, web pages, and basically anything that will allow me to coney the story. At the end of the day that is the bottom line. Telling you story.

The most important step in creating something new is telling a story.